Happy Technique Tuesday! This week we are going to take a look at the subject of sewing machine needles in a little more detail. If you remember, in a previous Technique Tuesday we talked about changing out your needle regularly. There are several reasons to swap out a needle. One, we need to switch out our needle due to the type of fabric we use in a project. Another reason may be because the needle has become dull and no longer pierces the fabric the way that it should. A third reason may be due to the fact that we are going to sew using a technique that requires a different needle like a double needle. When choosing the right needle It is very important to check your sewing machines manual see the types of needles your sewing machine uses. Different brands of machines can use different types of needles. Take a look at the picture provided. This set is an example of fairly common universal needles. This set contains 3 different size needles which we will cover in more detail in a later post. Needles vary in both size and purpose. Smaller needles, for example a 70/10, would be used on thin materials but depending on that material one may want to use a needle called microtex sharp that will pierce the fabric cleanly not causing damage. We will continue going into details on the different sizes and purposes for the different needles most commonly available. Stay tuned for next week and we will discuss those numbers in greater detail!


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