Happy Technique Tuesday!! We hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend! Today we are discussing Locking our Stitches. This process is done sewing three to four stitches. Then back stitching the same number of stitches and then continue forward as normal. When you come to the end of your stitching you will do the same process of back stitching. Most projects will require you to lock your stitches. We will go over later the techniques where you don’t lock your stitches! Locking your stitches ensures that the thread doesn’t unravel from your fabric and undoing everything you just worked on. Take a look at the photos showing the difference between locked stitches and a straight stitch without locking. Do you see the stitches are stable at the seam when you lock them vs when they are not locked? It is very important for the stability of your project to remember to do this! Be sure to check out the video showing you how to lock your stitches!


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