Happy Technique Tuesday! Today is all about scissors! Did you know that there is a difference between fabric scissors and regular scissors? It is very important to have a good set of fabric scissors for your sewing projects. Take a look at the photo with the regular scissors. Do you see the jagged edge of the fabric where it was cut? Now look at the picture with the fabric scissors. Do you see the straight edge where it was cut? Having a good pair of fabric scissors will help you achieve that straight edge. The fabric cut with the regular scissors did not have a straight edge; the reason for this is because paper has minerals in it that will dull your blade. This is why it is very important to never use your fabric scissors on anything but fabric! Cutting with regular scissors will lead to frustration and a messy sewing project. The best way to avoid the frustration is to label your scissors and keep your fabric scissors in a separate location. Do you have a favorite pair of fabric scissors?


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