Engage, be relevant and encourage creativity through their beautiful thinking!

Welcome to Eunoia Kids Patterns by Eunoia Design Group! I’m passionate about passing on the art of sewing, not just to other adults who’ve never had the opportunity to learn, but also to the next generations. I’ve written curriculum in the corporate world, non-profit sector and feel like I do it daily as a homeschooling mother of 3 (elementary, middle & a high schooler)!

It wasn’t till I was an adult that I realized I didn’t process information the same way as was expected of me. Reading a manual, or instructions, no matter how adept at the subject matter, was difficult.  Being a hands on learner written information must be broken down and presented in the most basic, straightforward way possible for me to best soak in and fully retain it. What does this have to do with patterns and sewing you may ask? There are many patterns on the market designed for beginners. Many of them (our own included) do still assume that the reader has a certain base level of information about sewing itself. The vocabulary, syntax and illustrations are also typically geared towards an adult reader.The patterns that we will produce have all been read and reviewed by various elementary and middle school educators. Other learning tools like videos will also be included in our kids patterns. 

Here is more information on our levels and reasons to use Eunoia’s Patterns for Kids:

The  Patterns for Kids staff is made up of a team whose job experiences include education, pattern design, engineering, photography & graphic arts, and business and administration.  We also have several volunteer & contracted grade school teachers who work with us to review and evaluate each pattern’s vocabulary and syntax for age appropriate reading level.

Are you a sewing instructor?  Eunoia Kids Patterns gives multi ebook discounts for teachers and schools.  For more information on obtaining a Educator Discount please email eunoiakidspatterns@gmail.com.

Level 0 Patterns

Designed for the earliest learners at ages 3+
Learning skills may include the following:
- Hand eye coordination
- Threading
-Hand sewing with appropriate tools
-Tying knots

Level 1 Patterns

Short patterns with basic sewing skills. Designed for ages 6+ and at the 2nd & 3rd grade reading level. Learning skills may include the following:
-Machine sewing straight lines, curves, pivots and stops
- Hand sewing
- Gathering
- Applique

Level 2 Patterns

Longer patterns with more advanced sewing skills. Designed for ages 9+ and at the 4th-6th grade reading level. Learning skills may include the following:
-More advanced machine sewing
- More advanced hand sewing
-Burrito method of enclosure

Building Blocks

Tools for various ages and skill levels. Building Blocks also include tools and lessons for sewing teachers/instructors.

It's All About Them

Our patterns include step pictures, like most PDF patterns. In addition to those step pictures, We have also included kids, just like them, sewing that exact stage of the project. By adding this little detail it keeps it relevant. It encourages them. It also helps build confidence by seeing another child and not an adult.

Easy Pattern Pieces

We've modified our pattern pieces to make them even easier! We still have numbered pages and alpha-numeric targets but we've made a few additions. We've added a dotted line for them to match the targets then just line the page up against the dotted line. We've also added an image, on one of the first few pages, that shows them what the final pieced pattern will look like.

Lots of Graphics

Not only do the patterns have very detailed photographs, they also include lots, and lots of graphic illustrations. If we were able to explain something in a graphic, we did.

Extra Pattern Piece Help

We've added extra's on the pattern pieces like the "Stop and Pivot" shown here.

Sew Much Fun

We can't tell you all our secrets! Our goals are to engage, be relevant and encourage creativity through their beautiful thinking!