Happy Fabric Friday! Today the topic will be all about French Terry Knit! French Terry Knit fabric is made typically from cotton threads. Sometimes it is blended with synthetics, such as Lycra. The stretch in this knit fabric will differ from no stretch all the way to 4 way stretch. When it’s blended with Lycra it improves on its stretchiness and how well it bounces back to its shape. Take a look at the photo. Do you see how it is woven? The front side is smooth and almost has the quality of a sweatshirt. Now look at the back side of it. Do you see the loops and how the threads are visible? This is one way to spot French Terry Knit. French Terry is not to be confused with terry cloth. Terry cloth typically is used for towels or robes. While they have some similar traits; Terry cloth threads are looped loosely and filled with woven thread on both sides. This makes terry cloth very absorbent! Have you ever worked with French Terry Knit? (Picture of green fabric done by fabric.com)


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