Happy Fabric Friday! We hope your week is treating you well! Today we are going to talk about Bamboo Knit Fabric. This fabric is a natural fiber! Historically, bamboo was only used to make structural items. Before using it for the fibers to make yarns, it was used to make baskets or ribs to corsets. Bamboo can be easily replenished so it’s considered a renewable source. Bamboo has been used in many different ways in fashion in recent years. Bamboo yarns can be blended with other materials such as rayon, spandex and hemp. This gives it a different texture and easier to work with in projects. When shopping for bamboo most fabric stores will have what is called Viscose Rayon. Simply put, it is bamboo that has been broken down and blended with rayon. Check out the pictures provided! Do you see the smooth and soft texture of the bamboo? Have you ever worked with Bamboo knit?
(All fabric 📷 by fabric.com)

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