Happy Fabric Friday! We hope your week has been amazing! If you are just joining us we are talking about types of knit fabric. Today we are going to discuss Ponte Knit Fabric; pronounced pon- tee. The official name is Ponte de Roma but here we will go by it’s shortened name, Ponte. It was first developed in Italy! And a fun fact, Ponte de Roma roughly translates to Roman bridge. It is a double knit which simply means this fabric is two layers knit together with two needles. Take a look at the pictures of Ponte examples! Do you see how the fabric threads are looped together? The way ponte is knit together it makes this kind of fabric soft and sturdy! It can be found to have a 2 way or a 4 way stretch. If you don’t understand the concept of 4 way stretch or 2 way stretch yet, that’s ok! We will talk about that soon! Ponte is made of a polyester, rayon and lycra or a polyester, rayon, and spandex blend. Have you ever worked with ponte? (All photos taken by fabrics.com)


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