Happy Fabric Friday! Today we are discussing Interlock Knit Fabric. This type of fabric is very similar to jersey knit. The difference is in how it is made. Interlock knit is made with two plys of knit fabric. In simplest of terms it’s two jersey knit fabrics sewn together on the same thread. This makes both sides of the fabric look the same. Take a look at the picture with both sides of the fabric. Do you see how they look the same? Interlock knit will be a sturdier fabric and feel thicker. If you remember, jersey knit will curl on the edges. Interlock knit, since it’s a more sturdier fabric, will not curl as much on the edges. This fabric will have more of a natural stretch, making it much less stretchy than Jersey Knit. Have you worked with Interlock Knit before?
(Pictures labeled with 📷 taken by Fabrics.com)


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